“In a trade where there is a real shortage of original thinkers and an equal lack of wine experts willing and able to look beyond the wine itself, to understand how wine fits into the lives of wine drinkers. Whether at £7, £70 or £700 a bottle, Justin’s approach is a breath of fresh air.
Like a great wine from Bordeaux, he is fantastic blend of innovation and tradition, reflection and communication, certainty and open-mindedness, art and science.
Justin played a hugely important role here at Laithwaite’s in helping to transform both the reality and the perception of our wine credibility, and I am delighted that we have secured Justin’s services to continue to work with us into the future. He has a valuable brain and an original viewpoint.
The Hive will bring a fresh perspective to small and large businesses, challenging them to try new things, which will make a real difference to their business. Without hesitation I can warmly recommend Justin’s new venture!”


Simon McMurtrie, Group Chief Executive, Direct Wines

“Justin represents real wine, with real meaning, produced by real people from a real place – a rare commodity in the wine trade nowadays
I enjoyed working with Justin for the UK’s leading supermarket during which he spearheaded the greatest market-growth of any UK supermarket, in recent memory.
The difference with Justin is he puts the wine buying decision in the hands of the consumer, focussing on the long-term consumer engagement and enjoyment rather than a superficial short-term win.
He is a slightly zany, slightly unusual person but one of the most genuine wine trade individuals on the planet. Tap in to his brain and wealth of experience if you want to change your business model, rather than just ‘optimise’ what you are already doing.
Producer, buyer, both bricks and clicks retailer, blogger, professional taster; Justin has a lot of bases covered.
If you’re employing a consultant and looking for a breath of fresh air, a new vision and aren’t afraid to have convention challenged, then look no further.”

Andrew Shaw, Head of Buying, Bibendum