About The Hive

The Hive has a unique approach based on an in-depth understanding of the needs of wine drinkers, and 15 years of experience in tailoring the wines and wine ranges to meet the needs of customers.

1. The first step is – Getting the wine quality right. The key to this is rigorous bench-marking, and working closely with producers on blending.

2. The second step is – Realising it is about more than just the wine quality. Wine drinkers have an emotional relationship with wine, and are enthralled by the romance, the history and the human stories surrounding wine. If we think it is just about the liquid, we are missing the point. We need to pay attention to the wine name, the label, the story behind the wine, and the way in which we communicate.

3. The last step is – Understanding our taste preferences, and those of our customers. There are a lot of people selling a lot of wine. Only those people who can make tailored recommendations based on understanding their customer’s preferences will win.

We work in a number of different ways with a variety of clients around the world, helping them to achieve their objectives

Buying and wine list consultancy

Taste preference and taste profiling

Wine producer advocacy and representation

Wine producer consultancy

Speaking engagements

Wine education